JRC Abuse Cases

Fighting Back Against Injustice


Fighting Back Against Injustice

Please help spread the word by forwarding this announcement broadly. Please send it to any email lists, Facebook groups, anyone you know who has been a resident or staff person at JRC, and anyone who may know people who have.

Nancy Weiss, MSW

For many years I have thought that people hurt at JRC deserve their day in court and to be compensated for the things done to them. I have identified an amazing, passionate group of lawyers who are committed to representing people who have been hurt or mistreated at the Judge Rotenberg Center. If you are a resident, past resident, family member, or current/past staff person of JRC who has experienced or witnessed mistreatment or abuse, we want to hear from you. If you have experienced or witnessed any of the types of abuse listed here, please email me at at nancyrobinweiss@gmail.com

We will find a time to talk by phone. Your information and potential participation will be kept confidential. This is an effort to get some restitution (money) for what people who were there endured. There will be no cost to you to participate in a lawsuit. Your identity will be fully protected if you prefer. Thank you for speaking up against abuse; doing so will not only help you but your voice can benefit people who can't speak on their own behalf.
- Nancy R. Weiss, MSW

Recorded Abuse Types:

• Sexual abuse (i.e. staff touching private parts inappropriately, forcing sexual contact, allowing residents to sexually abuse others)
• Physical abuse by staff (i.e. pinching, hitting, punching, otherwise hurting people)
• Verbally and/or psychologically abuse by staff
• Prolonged restraint as punishment
• Food and/or sleep deprivation
• Denied contact with family members
• Denied access to a lawyer
• Denied the right to refuse treatment
• Denied medical attention or access to necessary medicines
• Denied educational services or access to a quality education
• Denied prescribed therapy services [i.e. OT, PT, speech therapy, counseling]
• Having guardianship removed from family members/guardians